‘Journey to the Sleeping Whale’ Jane Robinson, 2018 Salmon Poetry Press:

<em>journeytothesleepingwhale_cover_16Sept2018 (2)</em>


In Journals 

‘The Beauty Keepers’ in The Stony Thursday Book, forthcoming 2020

‘Orchard Diary of Our Undoing’ an experimental poem in Channel 2, 2020

‘Sandycove’ in Stitch and Line, 2019

‘Evolution of Milk’ in Here Comes Everybody, 2019

‘Angels out of Rock’ in Coast to Coast to Coast 6, 2019

‘Satellite Footage’ and ‘Power’ in The North 61, 2019

‘Borders waters flow’ and ‘A Peaceful Island’ in The Corridor, 2019

‘Woven Boat’ in Skylight 47 Issue 11, 2019

‘Memories of Flight at the Life Museum i-iii & xiii-xv’ in Flare 10, 2019

‘Standing Nude’ in Banshee, 7, 2018

‘Materials Required’ in Poetry Ireland Review, 125, 2018

‘Those Who Were Seen Dancing’ in Flare 09, 2018

Rana temporaria is Ireland’s Only Frog’ & ‘Ex libris in The H. U. July, 2018

‘Small Crustaceans’ in Coast to Coast to Coast, Special Irish Issue, 2018

‘Radium Mother’ in The Stinging Fly, Fear and Fantasy Issue, Guest Editor Mia Gallagher, 2016

The Level Crossing, Poems of Place, 2016

The Interpreter’s House, 62, 2016

‘Other Victorian Disasters’ in Abridged 0-43: Lethe, 2015

‘The Empty Spaces’ in Abridged 0-47: A Many Splintered Thing, 2015 (exhibition archive)

‘Student’ in Abridged 0-40: Take Me Home, 2015

‘Lawn Care etc.’ in Science meets Poetry 3: Proceedings from ESOF2012 in Dublin
Edited by Jean-Patrick Connerade and Iggy McGovern, 2014

Cancan Poezine #3, 2012

‘Powerless in a Charity Shop’ in Poetry24, 28 January 2012

‘Martha Maxwell, Mother of Taxidermy’ in Poetry Ireland Review 103, 2011

‘Muse Imperfected’ in Abridged 0-23: Desire and Dust, 2011

‘On Building a Tower’ in Magma 49, 2011

in the Hennesy New Irish Writing Section of The Sunday Tribune, 2010

Primitive Representation of Shiva Nataraja, damaged in transit‘ in Southword 17A, 2010

Baglady’ in The Stinging Fly 15/two, 2010


In Anthologies 

‘Night’ in The Gingko Ecopoetry Prize Anthology, 2019

‘Lines for a Rescue’ in Washing Windows? Irish Women Write Poetry, Edited by Alan Hayes, Arlen House, Dublin 2017

‘Haiku’ in Human/Nature: Poems for Pacuare, an Anthology edited by Kat Addis, 2015

The Lion Tamer Dreams of Office Work, Anthology edited by Amanda Bell, Alba, 2015

Midir and Etain Anthology, Creative Ardagh, 2015

Four Corners Prize Anthology, edited by Kate Venables, 2015

Berryman’s Fate: A Centenary Celebration in Verse, Edited by Philip Coleman, Arlen, 2014

The Workshop, New Writing from DLR Libraries, Edited by Paul Perry, The Workshop Press, 2010

Census, The Second Seven Towers Anthology, 2009


Interviews / essays

‘In Search of Madge Herron’ an essay in: ‘Acts of Attention: Irish Women Poets 18th-20th Centuries’ Maria Johnston and Conor Linnie, Editors, forthcoming 2020, Cork University Press

Interviewed by Nithyanand Rao and Amit Roy for Connect, the Indian Institute of Science magazine, September, 2019

Poet’s Bookshelf II: Contemporary Poets on Books that Shaped Their Art, Barnwood Press, Seattle, 2008